Ti Lee is a gentle and intuitive yoga instructor who helped guide me through my healing journey during the 2018 Thailand Healing retreat in Koh Phangan. Not only well experienced in all the asana postures but also in the mind-body connection and how yoga can be used for healing dis “ease” in the body. She held space when I needed it and was always there to talk through emotions or show me yoga poses to help assist in my bodies healing. She is full of knowledge and has a huge heart and you can feel she is always present when you are around her and gives 100% in helping people on their path.
— Natasha, Melbourne

if you a looking for a yoga teacher to not only shift your perspective, challenge you physically and perhaps your thinking you have come to the right place. It is always most welcome to come to Ti with an open mind to get the most out of what is shared.

For the beginner, intermediate or advanced practitioner I highly recommend Ti if you wish to explore your place on the mat and learn lessons for off the mat. Deep gratitude for your teachings
— Kara, Scotland

Yoga with Ti has been a game changer. Since retiring from 25 years of football most days I wake up feeling sore and tight. The health of my spine is a particular concern.

Hot Yoga under Ti’s tuition has been the single best piece of rehab I have ever done for my body. Her practice is without question a physically demanding class. Setting a rigorous pace is what I love about her sessions. However it is plainly evident that she teaches on a far deeper level than simply the physical plane. We are talking intellectual, emotional and spiritual. She helps you to develop an awareness of the interconnected power of all these forces and I have only seen a glimpse. The feeling of empowerment and freedom is breathtaking.

She is the best Yogi I have had the good fortune to come across. Open your mind and your heart to learn from one of the very best.”
— Nick, Melbourne

Ti commits to her practice with her fellow yogis and her voice soothes away the stresses of our days. Her grace and knowledge make us all want to be better and more authentic individuals on our mats and when we walk from the studio. Ti always takes time out for individual advice and watching her glide into her practice I always feel like I am being mentored one on one even when in a class full of my yogi peers. Ti has taught me that I am enough just as I am but to also look beyond the class each day. Simply a beautiful woman inside and out and I look forward to her classes each week ......bliss and raw emotions all rolled into a ball of love each time I walk out - I am a better person from her guidance and her love of yoga shines through.
— Donna, melbourne

Ti’s classes are the perfect mix of spiritual reflection and rigorous, flowing asana. You walk out feeling renewed mind, body & spirit. Her beautiful flowing, vinyasa classes, and bright, pure soul always get you onto the mat (even on a dark, cold Melbourne morning), and her humble & authentic approach is what inspired me to learn more about yoga beyond asana.

I’ve been to many studios & teachers and Ti really stands out as a teacher and as a beautiful spirit.
— Danielle, New South Wales

Thank you Ti for guiding me through many transformations this past year! 🙌 Your continued encouragement, insight-fullness, intuition & passion is captivating and truly inspirational. Your classes promote a deeper connection with self & the bigger world. I am so grateful for the incredible knowledge that you incorporate into each of your physical yoga practices & how you combine this with your amazing awareness of the philosophy of yoga & energetic medicine! ✨So much love for you! Xx
— Kirssy, Melbourne

While acquiring my YTT in Thailand I met Ti while she was a guest teacher who became an amazing friend instantly.

Her ability to connect with people on a deeper level as more than just a teacher is one of many beautiful characteristics she brings to the table for her students. Ti was the first person to introduce me to Yin Yoga in the main pyramid of Pyramid Yoga Center in Koh Phangan, Thailand with a small group of my fellow classmates, and to this day I still can see our group under candle light and Ti’s guidance into an incredibly restorative experience that opened a new avenue for me and my practice.

If you have the opportunity to take a class with Ti I HIGHLY recommend it!
— Joe, Guam

Ti is a great teacher who keeps things running smoothly and is always able to read the class and gauge what exactly is needed in each moment. Anyone who has met Ti understands how deeply she cares about her students. She is able to hold space for each and every person in the class to heal and become a better person. Know that you will feel loved and cared for when she is around <3
— Jacki, Bali

Ti’s practices focus on key basics for breathing techniques for the class, & beyond in everyday life. It’s a gift and class always feels like home as she caters for all experience levels.

Ti is more of a mentor in my eyes & I do not take for granted the learnings she brings to her classes from her own experiences.

Always real, and down to earth with always added understanding for all levels in class.
My personal experiences have shown that Ti captures and takes note of those in class and knows your strengths, sometimes more than you realise, I have found new poses and pushed boundaries with Ti’s guidance and I am forever grateful.
— Mellisa, Melbourne

My Journey with yoga commenced and boy am I glad it did. I was introduced to a Yin class and a teacher - the amazing Ti, which not only sent me on a path of self exploration but assisted me in opening my heart and making my dreams come true! Her humble, beautiful energy creates a warmth that can only be experienced not explained. Her authenticity & willingness to share her own journey/path is what makes her classes real. I have learnt so much from her and continue to do so. All I know, is that i am always smiling when in her prescence and how can I not? Ti, is a beautiful & funny soul.
— Jasmin - Reiki Therapist @the_healing_co