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About Ti

About Ti Lee and her amazing yoga skills. Specialising in Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Chakra Yoga, Pranayama, Vinyasa, Yin and Healing illness and disease through body mind connection.


About Ti lee

After many years of struggling through the challenges that life handed me, I can now confidently say that I am at peace with the world in which I live in and more importantly, I am now at peace with myself.

I choose to live authentically, rather than to fit with the social constructs that have somehow been accepted as the norm. I choose to love and connect wholeheartedly, rather than existing from a place of fear. I choose to see life’s hurdles as an opportunity for learning and growth, rather than playing the victim of my circumstances. I choose to be mindful, mindful of when the intellect creates boundaries that further separates myself from everything else around me fuelling the egoic identity. I choose to see beauty and joy in each moment, as life is a precious gift to be cherished while I am here on this Earth. This is what I hope to be able to share with each and every single one of you.


I believe that yoga awakened something that has been dormant and has connected me to my life purpose; that purpose is to simply serve in any way that I can.

I am a full time yoga teacher and an eternal student based in Melbourne, Australia. I offer weekly public classes, workshops, retreats, healing programs, and teacher trainings from both the land down under and overseas. I compassionately hold space for you to explore all that needs to be felt to reconnect with the true nature of your Self.

I am deeply passionate about the realities of healing the body and mind through the practice of yoga. It is the most holistic and non-invasive way to heal and I have empowered many people in reversing a range of illnesses and diseases where conventional medicine has failed. Our bodies are an intelligent piece of machinery that is designed to heal itself – we just need to know how.  

Yoga has become my life – it is my daily practice that picks me up when life throws curve balls to my face! And you can bet that I still stumble and fall; this is why I practice and it is also when the real the practice begins.

I hope to see you on the mat soon. Come and say hi if you see me around – I would love to connect and share this magical journey with you.

With all of my love.